We are a tour marketplace service enabling museums and attractions — both large and small — to expand reach and revenue without the limits of capital expenditures, additional resources, or technology experience.

The concept of Docent came to our Founder, David Beronja, while working at a museum in Nashville with the idea that technology should empower museums and attractions, providing them the tools to meet their mission and excel at it. Our team is based in Nashville, TN, USA, the Athens of the South, home to over 30 most impressive museums and attractions.

Mobile App

We know you love your smartphone, and why not use it while visiting a fantastic museum or attraction? Docent is your one-stop app for audio tours associated with your favorite attractions. Download Docent for your phone today.


Browse the Docent website to find tours in cities where you're visiting, and when ready, click the tour, and our system takes you right to the tour you want in your app.

For Museums and Attractions

Docent is an excellent service for all your self-guided tour needs. Our system will get your tour up and running in as little as 20 minutes. There's no cost to create an account, upload and set up your tours (unlimited), and start renting through our app. Not only will you be able to rent tours right away, but you'll have access to real-time revenue along with customer data insights, tour feedback, owning your customer list, and so much more.* You're a partner, not a client; we only succeed once you succeed. Visit our business website to learn more about what Docent can do for your organization..